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Making bath time healthier for you > Organic Fragrant Patchouli Leaf & Seasonal Flowers Bathing Tea.
Organic Fragrant Patchouli Leaf & Seasonal Flowers Bathing Tea.

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A delightful blend of Organic patchouli leaves combined with a mixture of organic garden flowers such as Lavender and rose matured over a several weeks to enhance the over all development of heightened fragrance and benefits

The skin care the uses of Patchouli are manifold. It helps to regenerate skin cells, reduces cellulite and is used to treat skin disorders like acne, cracked skin, excellent for eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, sores, scars and dandruff. Patchouli also tones and tightens the skin and soothes rough, dry and cracked areas. It acts as an anti-wrinkle agent and cell regenerator and even as a deodorant. Patchouli is a known curative and is used for headaches, muscle spasms, colic and angina. It is also used as a mild sedative and pain-reliever and also for fighting insomnia, anxiety, agitation and depression conditions because it makes you happy!

Great for sensitive skins or dry skins. 

 Gentle essential oils of light patchouli, sweet violet, lavender and vanilla extracts.