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Making bath time healthier for you > Organic Youthful/Clear/Soft/Flawless/Fresh Flowers Facial Herb Steam Tea
Organic Youthful/Clear/Soft/Flawless/Fresh Flowers Facial Herb Steam Tea

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Warm Glow Organic "Blushing Blooms" - flower facial steaming herbals.

Facial steams cause the skin to perspire, allowing pores to open up and breathe. Dirt, oil and grime, which can easily clog the pores and lead to breakouts, blackheads and other imperfections, are deeply cleansed as the steam penetrates the face. Steam also revives tired skin, removes toxins and improves circulation. Though primarily used as a skin care technique, the facial steam is equally beneficial in relieving stress and cold symptoms easing congestion and flu or cold symptoms. The steam is also beneficial for easing sinusitis symptoms.

I devised a beautifully simple selection of choice flowers to stimulate the blood flow to the face leaving you with a blushing complexion. These flowers are exceptionally healing to the skin, easing inflammations, soreness, oiliness, uneven tones, blemishes, dryness, sun damage, dehydration and aging skins.  These flower steams will tone, clear,  clean and boost blood flow healing minor ailments  leaving you with a delicate flushed blush, glowing like a fair maiden.



Red Roses Petals ( Aromatic, astringent, smoothing)

Chamomile ( Anti-inflammatory, calming, anti-septic)

Hibiscus flowers ( emollient, anti-inflammatory, soothing)

Calendula flowers ( Healing for all skin types)