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Red Russian Kale.

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(Brassica napus) 55 days.Frilled purple-veined deeply lobed oak leaves. Tender, mild and sweet even in summer, but more colorful and sweeter after frost. Gives repeated harvests through a long season. One of the hardiest and most tender of all kales. Beautiful purple-veined blue-green leaves tinged with reddish-purple. Frilly leaf margins resemble oak leaves. Vigorous 18-36" plants. Mild sweet flavor. Hardy to -10°F. 55 days from transplant.

25 seeds.


Kale Chips

One bunch of curly  green kale

[Tild sez:  actually I hear that these turn out equally well when made with other kinds of kale, or chard, or even with brussels sprouts!]

Olive oil
Sea salt

Wash kale and cut the leaves off of the big stems (I slide a sharp knife along the stem). If the pieces seem too big, tear them into chip size — the bigger the pieces, the longer it takes to crisp up, but don’t make them too small. I usually leave the kale in my sink colander (my favorite kitchen tool, ever!) to drain. Put the drained kale in a bowl and dowse with some olive oil. I’ve never measured, I just make it like I would a salad. Sprinkle with a healthy pinch of salt. Toss. Spread onto cookie sheet (mine has sides). Bake in 350 degree oven until crisp. [Tild sez:  I set the timer for 15 minutes, which seemed about right]  I check several times, stirring them around to even out the cooking. If some kale seems to be taking a lot longer to cook, I remove the already crisp ones and start eating. Enjoy.