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All Natural "What, No Widow! Cleaner & General Purpose Spray.

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What a weird name, right?  I admit it took me by surprise but once I started using this I understood that no other name could suit it, plus my beloved Husband just had to try it too, he called out to me and shouted " Honey, I cannot even see the window now it is so clean, woooow" and that was it... an apt name and great product is born!

I use this for everything, even my wood floor to polish it up, work tops, bathroom, shelves, the SUV, the computer, the fridge, the washing machine, mirrors, windows and glass being my best usage, it is quite amazing and you may think it will smudge as it seems to for a while once you spray and rub with a cloth but then......wham, it just cleans itself. I love this and it is all natural.

Natural distilled vinegar, Amber's exclusive essentials oils blend, distilled water, natural preservative.