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Organic Soap Cuts to Clean + Steralize Home|hair|pet|craft|cleaning|handwash

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Throughout history, one of the most effective methods of combating the spread of illness has been to thoroughly wash our hands with quality soap. As the concerns about the " the CV"  continue to effect our daily lives, this simple action has become more important than ever. Amber's Organics is offering a social|community outreach immediately releasing a stockpile of cuts of soap at cost "wash us back to wellness".  

What's offered.

A whole bag of soap chunks, bars and bits for you to make your own cleaning solution or whatever you want it for.  Just melt them in hot water or remake them as your own soaps.  I use these to clean my own home, they bring up the sinks so shiny and fresh. They leave a very healthy, clean scent. I also melt them to make body and hair washes and pet shampoos.They are low to no odour and the fragrance has almost gone but other that that they are top quality soaps in all different shapes and sizes.


How to make cleaning soft soap.

Melt soap chips or lumps in a large gallon bottle or jug of boiling hot water. leave for several days to soften, shake a few times per day, check to see if the soap is getting to a gel stage, once it does the soap is ready to use. Fill pump bottle, as needed and use as a cleanser for anything you want. This cleans the sinks|bath|toilet bowl|worktops wonderfully. Perfect as a hand sterilizer and cleanser, body wash|hair wash, cleans everything and the gel swells and goes a long way.