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Organic Red Rooibos Health Tea - Beautiful Body + Skin

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Rooibos Tea

A good herbal health supplement often has many different types of minerals in each dose, in order to ensure the proper functioning of our body. While the amount of these minerals may vary depending on the way the tea leaves were harvested, oxidized and fermented, Amber's Organics will have all of these minerals:

  • Calcium - Calcium delays the process of decalcification in the body as well as builds strong teeth and bones. A lesser known benefit of calcium is that it regulates the heart beat.
  • Fluoride - Drinking rooibos tea will help you maintain good dental health because of the mineral fluoride, which strengthens tooth enamel and prevents decay.
  • Iron - Iron is one of the most important minerals the body needs, as it is essential to transport oxygen throughout the blood. People suffering from iron deficiencies often feel lethargic and become easily fatigued, and rooibos tea is an excellent way to increase iron absorption.
  • Magnesium - One of the other important minerals in a health supplement is magnesium, which helps to regulate body temperature, build bones, manufacture proteins, and release energy from muscles when needed.
  • Potassium - This mineral regulates blood pressure and the heartbeat while protecting against cardiovascular disease and stroke. Without consuming the recommended amounts of potassium, you could experience insomnia, irregular heartbeat and fatigue.
  • Sodium - Sodium is necessary for regulating many of the body's functions, particularly in the nerves and muscles. Unfortunately, not all sodium comes in healthy forms (table salt is not usually a good option), but the sodium in rooibos tea is perfectly healthy.
  • Zinc - Because it aids in healing wounds and general body growth, zinc is an essential mineral. Currently, many people are experiencing zinc deficiencies due to cooking methods that deplete zinc-rich foods, so every little bit of zinc helps to keep the body in top shape.

With all of these important minerals in one cup of rooibos tea, it's no wonder that some researchers are calling rooibos the next "wonder tea." The variety and amount of minerals in rooibos tea makes it a healthy-and delicious-herbal dietary supplement.

Benefits for skin.

Because it's packed with many antioxidants and minerals, rooibos ("red bush") tea is an extremely healthy choice for all tea drinkers. Aside from its ability to fight cancer, depression and asthma, drinking rooibos tea also has a more cosmetic benefit: it promotes healthier skin. Not only will you feel good if you drink rooibos tea, your skin will also look good. A few of the reasons that rooibos gives you healthier skin are:

  • Help for eczema and acne - Studies have shown that rooibos tea helps to treat various skin disorders, including eczema and acne. People with acne have reported that both drinking the tea and applying it to their skin helped to decrease their amount of facial eruptions. Though studies are still underway to determine what exactly is in rooibos tea that helps the skin recover from these disorders, scientists believe that it may be the tea's high level of flavonoids, which encourage the body to destroy unwanted pathogens. Whatever the exact reason, rooibos tea clearly contributes to healthier skin for those suffering from common skin disorders.
  • Anti-aging - Rooibos tea is rich with the enzyme superoxide dismutase. Though the enzyme's name sounds complex, what it does is for skin is simple: it is an excellent anti-aging substance. Superoxide dismutase is necessary for the production of healthy skin-producing cells, and high levels of the enzyme guarantee healthier skin for rooibos drinkers. Superoxide dismutase also fights wrinkles by neutralizing the free radicals that cause them, which is wonderful for those who want to slow the aging process. Now that they have recognized the anti-aging ability of rooibos tea, scientists are beginning to develop more anti-aging products from rooibos tea leaves. Though the field is still young, rooibos tea skin care products are an exciting intervention in the anti-aging product line.
  • Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial - Another benefit of rooibos tea as it relates to healthier skin is that it is hypoallergenic. This is a promising characteristic in the skin care world because it allows scientists to develop a number of skin care and cosmetic products that are naturally suitable for all skin types. The tea's antibacterial nature is one more advantage, as it can treat and alleviate bacterial infections on the skin.