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Organic Dandelion & Burdock Roots, Cleansing Duo.

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Grow the ingredients for this traditional British beverage (its been around for nearly 800 years, so must be good!). Both plants have a multitude of uses in their own right, but together make something really special.Burdock And Dandelion

Burdock is a wonderful detoxifying herb.

It supports the kidneys and liver in filtering toxins from the blood.

Burdock also stimulates circulation to the skin and detoxifies skin tissues.

This makes it a great remedy for acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Burdock tea is made from the burdock plants leaves and is used for fluid retention, inflammation, rheumatic and liver conditions.

Burdock and Dandelion tea together is a great liver cleanser and blood purifier. It neutralizes toxins throughout the body.

It is also used for bladder pain, gout, swollen glands and jaundice.

Burdock and Dandelion tea is also used for respiratory conditions such as asthma, some cancers, fevers and boils.

Dandelions are high in iron and calcium.

Dandelion root is usually recommended for the bile-secreting liver organ. Dandelion root also disinfects the blood, raises bile construction and enhances the abilities of the spleen, pancreas, abdomen and kidneys. It is usually consumed for urarthritis, lack of blood in the body, inflammation of the joints, liver disease, liver inflammation caused by a virus, furuncles, spasms, retention of fluid, stultification and breast tumors.

Organic dandelion and burdock and a dash of stevia