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Organic Ayurveda Tulsi Wake Up Rejuvenating Tisane.

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 Delicious and enlivening blend of herbs to boost your mood and energy.

The combination of green tea and circulatory stimulating peppermint with fresh tasting rejuvenating holy basil make this the get up and go again formula. If you feel a slump coming on, drink this!

Health Benefits of Drinking Holy Basil Tea

  • Practitioners of the ancient Ayurvedic form of Indian herbal medicine have long used holy basil (also known as tulsi) to treat stress naturally. The herbal tulsi tea—with a taste similar to cloves—delivers nature’s most sought-after adaptogen. Adaptogenic herbs help the body naturally cope with stress.
  • In addition to its anti-stress benefits, in vitro studies indicate that holy basil may act as a natural COX-2 inhibitor. This is good news for those of you looking for natural joint support, as it means holy basil can help keep your muscles and joints working comfortably.
  • More recent studies of this ancient herb are starting to reveal a third benefit of holy basil: cholesterol support. Not only does it help ease your everyday stress, which in turn helps protect your heart, but holy basil may also help usher cholesterol out of your body before it has the chance to be absorbed.
  • Tulsi is a very friendly herb and consistently lends herself well in all sorts of therapies. Tulsi tea, simply a hot infusion of dried leaves, must be one of the more enjoyable forms of medicine we can experience as well as an excellent anupana for other botanicals and treatments. Tulsi is both a 'first-reach' herb in most cases of cough, colds, flu and fever, as well as a 'last-resort' when nothing else seems to work. Tulsi is a warm blessing that can be enjoyed by most people throughout the year for a vast array of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. In ensuing articles we will explore many of these benefits.

Contains. Organic blends of Holy Basil, green tea, peppermint