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Organic Simply Herbal Tea + Tisane. Create Your Personal Blend

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Mix and blend your owns teas with these 1 oz portions. Apply bountiful health benefits and flavours to impress your taste buds and strengthen your body.

Basic tea instructions. Add 1 teaspoon of your favourite tea blend to a tea ball or fill you own tea bag (see tea accessories)  place into a cup of freshly hot water. Allow the herbs to brew for 5 minutes. Drink enjoy.  Add honey or lemon if needed, or healthy sweetener of your own choice. 


Try these for starters and then get creative!

Relax: Chamomile, Catnip and Lemon Balm.

Morning. Green Tea, Ginger and Apple.

Headaches. Feverfew, St Johns Wort and Peppermint.

That time of the month. Raspberry Leaf, Ginger and Chamomile.

Tonic. Nettles, Dandelion and Parsley.

Depression. St Johns Wort, Lemon Balm and Roses.

Brain Boost. Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea and Lemon Peel.

Energy & Endurance. Liquorice Root, Ginger, Green Tea and Orange Peel.

Mini Cleanse. Lemongrass, Ginger,  and Lemon Peel.