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Organic Astragalus & Elderberry "Roots & Fruits"  Strenghtening Brew

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Organic Astragalus & Elderberry Botanical Strengthening Brew. Berries, roots, fruits and mushrooms all got to make this a mighty boost for your immune system. Nourishing, restorative and it can naturally support your body to fight infection and seasonal bugs. Warm and satisfying, it can be added to soups or broths to enhance the dish.

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Astragalus: Immune Tonic, Strengthens lungs and spleen,Increases natural killers cells, T cell helper, and interferon production. Protects and strengthens kidney function, used as a treatment for kidney failure.

Elderberry: Lungs, upper respiratory systems, especially sinuses and throat. Anti-viral, diaphoretic, astringent,, berries are rich in Vitamin A and C and they strengthen eyes, and connective tissues.

Rosehip: Significant levels of Vitamin C, Antioxidants, beta carotene, Vitamin E, sooths internal inflammation, rich source of lycopene. Strengthens immune system,  reduces inflammation, increases circulation, helps prevent heart disease.

Ginger: Throat, Lungs, Stomach, Circulatory stimulant, diaphoretic, antispasmodic. Colds, flu, Sluggish digestions, poor circulation.

Orange. Significant Vitamin C, Lowers cholesterol, Contains flavanone and herperidin molecule, which have been singled out in phytonutrient study. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, contains antioxidant potential.




Organic Astragalus root, elderberry berries, echinacea root and leaf, reishi mushroom, rosehips, ginger, orange.