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Organic Sleep Walker Infusion - A little calm without the harm

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Do you need a little calm in your world? Calm without the harm of mind altering influences (pills) from the conventional route of healing  Try this. Calming herbs will settle your mind, relax your body and bring a little more harmony back to you. The herbs are natural relaxing nervines and nervous system restoring agents, they work with you at the deepest levels of your specific need. Herbs go straight to the source of tension alleviating and reducing the pressure contained. They are compatible with your body's abilities to naturally heal, working in supreme conjunction and unity.  Sleepwalker can be taken day, and or night, at anytime that you need to wind down from stress and upsets

Sleepwalker makes a lovely evening drink. Can be served chilled in summer as a bedtime relaxant cooler. Contains natural pain relieving properties.


Contains soothing blends of organics wild lettuce, chamomile flower, passiflower, lemon balm and catnip.