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Organic Chickweed tea - Chest/allergy/Weight loss/Diuretic/Metabolism

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Chickweed is a highly acclimated and versatile plant that grows in abundance all over the world. Chickweed makes a refreshing and restorative tea. It constitutes of small bright green leaves and almost star shaped white flowers. The documented historical uses of chickweed date back to the early 16 th century.

  1. A naturally mild laxative which may help cleanse the body from a built up toxicity and alleviate stress from the liver.
  2. Increased metabolism to speed up weight loss
  3. May help to eliminate excess fat from the body
  4. Acts as a mild diuretic and helps to flush toxins from the kidneys.
  5. Useful in the treatment of inflammatory conditions. the herb was used extensively in the 16th century for this and many other serious inflammatory ailments.
  6. Is used to treat conditions of the respiratory systems such as bronchitis, asthma, smokers cough, irritated lungs, including allergy symptoms.
  7. Chickweed is a natural detoxifying agent for the skin, it may help to reduce acne breakouts, inflammation, redness, it may help to reduce the severity of bug bites and allergic reactions of the skin. it may help to draw out harmful bacteria and prevent wounds from getting infected. It is a natural emollient which can help to soften and smooth the skin.
  8. Chickweed may be useful in the treatment of fibroids.
  9. The tea has been considered a useful agent in the treatment of IBS irritable bowel syndrome.
  10. Due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce swelling, chickweed can be used as a mild and natural pain reliever.
  11. Chickweed calms and can help reduce a dry itchy, flaky scalp, making it ideal as a rinse for the hair. it has also been used to eliminate dandruff, and a strongly brewed tea can be used mixed into your conditioner.


How to make your fresh medicinal herb tea of chickweed.

Preparation. Use one tea bag or one teaspoon of tea to one cup of boiled, spring water. Allow the infusion to seep for 3-5 minutes to ensure all the herbal components are released. Sweeten mildly with either fresh honey or a natural, healthful sweetener. If you are using your tea externally, prepare one cup of tea, allowing it to cool to a point of lukewarm. Soak a clean cloth made from natural fibers into the tea and apply to affected area. You can either lay the cloth over the area or bath gently as needed.