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Organic "Stomach Sync" After Meal Digestive Tonic.

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Do you ever feel full and bloated, uncomfortable or nauseous after meals? Our digestive flow is key to a healthy life force and so when disrupted it can really make us feel innately "off". This delightfully blended herbal remedy is just what the herbal doctor ordered. it helps the body digest food more efficiently, removes gas, sooths fullness, calms nausea and over all helps to restore a healthier digestive function. It is a excellent remedy for an overloaded liver and sensitive gall bladder. It can help to cleanse the body from toxicity,


This sweet, refreshing tea is also a wonderful drink to serve to your guests after a meal. It can be mixed with sparkling water, fruit juice or serve chilled with fresh lemons or fruit added, the list is endless, and can be drunk at anytime your stomach needs a little respite.


Organic Fennel seed, Indian lemongrass, fresh  dried sliced ginger root, marshmallow root, cardamom.