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Organic Raspberry Rehab.  The Tasty Tonic + Restorative

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It is now time to infuse your self in a delicious restorative tea. The perfect tonic should taste good and this does. it contains the full nutrient addition of real organic raspberries. They contain abundant nutrients and minerals to get your body feeling up to par.

1) Antioxidant Powerhouse -Dried red raspberries are a treasure trove of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The antioxidants in the fruit protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by the build-up of free radicals. This type of oxidative stress and inflammation is associated with heart disease, stroke, and other degenerative conditions. Including more antioxidant-rich foods like dried raspberries in your diet can help prevent the damage that free radicals do on our cells.

2) Packed with Fiber -A serving of dried red raspberries provides 6 grams of fiber, or nearly 25% of the daily recommended value. The great thing about raspberries is that they are a source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel in the body that binds with cholesterol and sugar, to reduce the amount that is absorbed by the bloodstream. This process helps lower harmful cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar. The insoluble fiber in dried raspberries is just as important to the overall health of the body. It does not absorb or dissolve in water so it is able to remove toxins from the colon and keep the digestive system on track.

3) Good Source of Nutrients -Not only are dried raspberries chock-full of protective antioxidants and fiber; they also provide nutrients like vitamin C, iron and calcium. Vitamin C supercharges the immune system to protect against illnesses, and promotes the formation of collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and resilient. Vitamin C also helps the body absorb minerals like iron and calcium, both of which are present in dried raspberries. Iron improves energy levels, and plays an important role in delivering oxygen-rich red blood cells throughout the body. Calcium is well-known for supporting strong bones and teeth, but it can also improve muscle function and reduce the risk of heart disease

Raspberry leaf. It is naturally high in magnesium, potassium, iron and b-vitamins which make it helpful for nausea, leg cramps, and improving sleep during pregnancy. The specific combination of nutrients in Raspberry Leaf makes it extremely beneficial for the female reproductive system. It strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles which some midwives say leads to shorter and easier labors.

The tannins in raspberry leaf give it astringent properties which make it soothing both internally and externally. A strong raspberry leaf tea or tincture will sooth sunburn, eczema, and rashes when used externally. Swishing with a tincture or infusion of Raspberry Leaf is great for the gums and can help alleviate the symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease.

The high concentration of Vitamin C in Raspberry Leaf makes it great during illness and I also use it as a base for homemade energy drinks.

Many women claim that it helped ease the symptoms of PMS, endometriosis, and it is helpful for couples who are trying to conceive. I personally also use it throughout pregnancy, even in the first trimester, as I’ve never seen any conclusive reason not to and the health benefits are wonderful during pregnancy, but I’d definitely consult a midwife or doctor before taking any herb while pregnant


Fresh dried rosehips contains a high does of vitamin C and vitamin A needed for complete recovery. Research has shown significant improvements in health and a decrease in heart disease and high cholestrol levels in those who drank regular rosehip tea.

Hibiscus is like a super tonic to the heart. These red pods are rich in vitamin C, calcium, niacin, riboflavin and iron, and also in certain anthocyanins whose antioxidant strength rivals that of quercetin and vitamin E. Hibiscus extracts have long been used to lower blood pressure in individuals with mild hypertension. Hibiscus relaxes the walls of blood vessels and acts as a diuretic, but unlike most diuretic drugs, it does not deplete the body of potassium. Frequent use of nettle containing edibles rapidly relieves and helps prevent water retention.

Nettle is a superb nourishes of the kidneys and adrenals. Stinging nettle contains natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatories that open up constricted bronchial and nasal passages and eases hay fever symptoms. Nettle is a very nourishing herb, containing 300 mg of calcium, and other vitamins and minerals including considerable amounts of the mineral boron, which can double levels of the hormone estrogen circulating in the body and help with short term memory. Nettle stimulates mothers milk, is safe to use anytime during pregnancy, and restores a woman's energy postpartum.


How do you make it?  Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over 1 teaspoon-1 tablespoon of Raspberry tea. Steep, covered, for at least 5 minutes and drink as regular tea. I often keep a gallon of cold raspberry leaf tea in the fridge so that I don’t have to brew by the cup. To make a gallon, just 3/4 to 1 cup of Raspberry tea per gallon of boiling water. I pour the herbs and boiling water into a gallon glass jar, cover with a plate and leave overnight before straining for a strong tea.

Tip! For a special treat, mix chilled raspberry tea with a splash of lemonade, and add a sprig of mint!


  •  organic raspberry leaf
  • Organic dried raspberries
  •  organic nettle leaf
  •  organic rosehips
  •  organic hibiscus flowers
  • organic dried orange peel
  •  a pinch of allspice