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Organic Inner Rhythm" Herbal Tea for Constipation/Sluggish Digestion

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Organic "Inner Rhythm" Herbal Tea for Constipation/Sluggish Digestion

A little note about senna. Senna is the main ingredients in the tea, however other herbs are added to improve the function of the renowned herb.

Here is what you do to make your own laxative" inner rhythm" herbal tea. Remember senna is a very strong laxative. Once you have brewed the tea, stay near a bathroom for at least 2 hours.

  • 1/2 teaspoon tea ( maybe be increased to 1 teaspoon as required. Allow your own body to express its individual needs.)
  • 8 ounces of boiled water

Steep the tea in the boiled water for 10 minutes, strain and drink warm.

When do I drink my tea?

I suggest 1 full cup prior to bedtime.  As you drink your tea visualize your inner rhythm gently becoming active and restored to a natural healthy function. Pray is your want, it all helps to calm down the inner tensions.


Remember! Your diet!

 Eat fresh vegetable, grains, organic and healthful foods, drink fresh waters, juices and herbal teas, live yogurt, cottage cheese (or Vegan!) Eat your own food as you know what is on it.Take probiotics, Take time to rest and relax as hard as it is in this world.  Breath, take deep, slow breaths. Exercise!  yoga, walking, cycling, stretching. If you are disabled go slowly, find what works for you anything is better than immobility.


Text me if you have any problems or questions.


Contains, organic senna leaf, Dandelion leaf, anise seed, licorice root, coriander seed, fennel seed, Rosehips, orange peel, lemon peel.

Additional herbs are used in compatibility with senna to sooth and increase the effects. Each herb is cleansing, anti inflammatory, nutritive and digestive, allowing your system to replenish vital nutrients and function.



Senna Side Effects

There are side effects of senna that you should be aware of. Senna targets the lower bowels and is very effective. It can cause mild to severe stomach cramps. Do not use senna or senna herbal teas for longer than 7 days. Senna can cause liver damage with prolonged use. Pregnant women should not take senna.

Is Senna Safe?

Senna is not safe if you use it for prolonged period of time, or if you are pregnant. However, senna used for a maximum period of 7 days is deemed to be safe by most herbalists.

Senna leaves can suppress appetite and move partially digested food through the bowels very quickly.

Prior to taking senna, if you are at all concerned about it's effects, please consult your medical practitioner.

Senna can react with some prescription drugs as well.


(This Information Has Not Been Evaluated by FDA, Take Advice of a Health Care Professional)

Contraindications: Ileus, acute intestinal inflammation (e.g. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), appendicitis, abdominal pain of unknown origin, severe dehydration states with water and electrolyte depletion.

Please drink responsibly. The delightful tea was created to restore your inner rhythm and not as a detox, or purging method.
Warnings Do not use laxative products when abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present unless directed by a doctor. If you have noticed a sudden change in bowel habits that persists over a period of 2 weeks, consult a doctor before using a laxative. Laxative products should not be used for a period of longer than 1 week unless directed by a doctor. Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative may indicate a serious condition. Discontinue use and consult your doctor. Senna may produce abdominal pain and spasm and passage of liquid stools. Contraindications: Do not use if you have ileus, intestinal obstruction, stenosis, atonic bowel, acute intestinal inflammation (e.g. Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), appendicitis, abdominal pain of unknown origin, severe dehydration states with water and electrolyte depletion. Do not use if you have known allergies to plants of the parsley (Apiaceae) family, such as fennel. In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Drink responsibly and follow all directions for use. Please remember that Smooth Move products are not meant to be used for cleansing or as diet aids. Notice: This product contains senna leaf. Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain because senna leaf may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea, or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition.