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Organic Tulsi Rama, Holy Basil Health + Life Handcrafted Tea-Bags

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"Oh Narada, wherever Tulsi grows there is no misery. She is the holiest of the holy. Wherever the breeze blows her fragrance there is purity. Vishnu showers blessing on those who worship and grow Tulsi. Tulsi is sacred because Brahma resides in the roots, Vishnu resides in the stems and leaves and Rudra resides in the flowering tops."


NOW IN T-BAGS!   fresh to order handmade T-Bags for easy use.

A delicious blend of Holy basil rama to bring health and life back into a tired body. This Tea has anti-aging, skin conditioning, stomach healing, mental clarity support, immune support, and much, much more!

Holy Basil Tea-bags come in a Brown Tea bag wrapped in cello for freshness.

Add one handmade tea-bag to a cup of hot water allow tea to sit bring out the natural healing richness of this delightful tea.  Add a little Honey and lemon if desired.  This tasty tea is great value you only need a little, and so it can last a long time!

" I was plagued by so many head aches over the recent years I thought I would go mad, I was prepared to try anything. Amber offered this tea I was more than willing to try, what can I lose? A few dollars? It has given me over all relief  I slept better, the intense headaches are easing and my general over all self feels better, mental clarity too! I want some more Amber just let me know how to buy it!  Thank you!"  Customer CA