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Organic " Gut Feeling " Gastrointestinal Tea Formula

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A blend of  soothing, warming, comforting herbs to ease the discomfort of an upset stomach, whether it be from over eating, toxicity or some other gastro irritations and infections this will balance and settle the internal wars.  The mild formula can help settle an upset stomach associated with monthly period pans and hormonal imbalances.

Carefully combined herbs such as calming chamomile flowers, red raspberry leaf, peppermint, fennel and the addition of sweet apple make this ideal sipped slowly throughout the day or in the evening before bed. One or two cups of tea daily is more than enough to stabilize digestion.

The astringent quality of the tea gives a broad spectrum of applications in treating swollen tissue in the mouth and throat, working from top to, literally, bottom for your recovery. The pleasing taste and gentle energy makes it a perfect companion for any parent with sick children. Most symptoms of the stomach flu relax under this gentle teas tender care.


Organic blends of wild harvested chamomile, peppermint, raspberry leaves, fennel seeds, apple .