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Organic Soothing Sore Throat & Night Cough Marshmallow Mucilage Formula

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A carefully blended botanical soother for sore inflamed throats, coughs, bronchitis, mouth soreness and larynx inflammation, especially good when drunk slow and swirled around the mouth. The formula coats the throat with mucilage forming herbs that heal and repair whilst soothing inflamed tissues and irritations. Excellent tea and good for young and old alike.


Can also be taken prior sleep to ease night time coughing!

My Marshmallow  formula is also is beneficial for relieving coughs and bronchitis, it eases the sensitively of the nerves in the throat  and is good for suppressing the urge to cough as it coats and sooths the bronchial tubes, it also helps loosen mucus build up. Marshmallow boost the actions of white blood cells which attack bacteria and other invading organisms and may increase the body's immunity. This formula can help throat and mouth soreness and related conditions and can be used as a successful gargle for sore gums, gingivitis, abscess and mouth inflammation and infections. The associated combinations of herbs included are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic.

Contains a selection of organic Marshmallow root, garden sage, ground  licorice, lemon peel, cinnamon chips and slippery elm bark. Works effectively and amazingly quick!


Boil formula and leave to stand over night for best results, can be sipped through out the day and heated in small cups as required.