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Organic "Puri-Tea" Tea Troubled Skin & Internal Purifying Formula.

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A delightful tea that can help clear your skin from acne, clean and detox your blood, help and support the lymphatic system and tone, sooth and regulate the bowel naturally. This tea also contains a good level of iron for healthy blood and immunity. The tea contains the usage of medically beneficial herbs such as dandelion, licorice, chamomile, red clover with fennel seeds which are but a few of the most effective herbal cleansers. 

The cleansing formula works by helping clear the colon of toxic waste, it can help cleanse the kidneys which in turn will detoxify the blood, licorice is soothing to the gastro tract and excellent demulcent for coating and healing the digestive tract and all in all helps in the repair and function of the liver, licorice is an important liver herb with strong hepatoprotectant properties. Dandelion is traditionally used as a tonic and blood purifier, for constipation, inflammatory skin conditions, joint pain, eczema and liver dysfunction, including liver conditions such as hepatitis and jaundice. The fennel will gently cleanse, tone and purity the blood, stomach and bowels, calming chamomile soothes and protects and is a mild antiseptic and anti inflammatory, it will support the removal of toxic build up due to infection.

Take one to two cups daily.