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Organic Holy Basil 3 Sacred Selections Healthful Tea - Anti-Aging!

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Organic Holy Basil  "3 Sacred Selections" Healthful Tea-Anti-Aging!

Contains Holy Basil Rama, Krishna and Vana.

A delicious blend of 3 popular Holy basil varieties to bring health and life back into a tired body. This Tea has anti-aging, skin conditioning, stomach healing, mental clarity support, immune support, and much, much more!

Holy Basil Tea comes in a glassine bag with tree free paper label

Add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water allow tea to sit bring out the natural healing richness of this delightful Tea.  Add a little Honey and lemon if desired.

" I was plagued by so many headaches over the recent years I thought I would go mad, I was prepared to try anything. Amber offered this tea I was more than willing to try, what can I lose? A few dollars? It has given me over all relief  I slept better, the intense headaches are easing and my general over all self feels better, mental clarity too! I want some more Amber just let me know how to buy it! Thank you!"  Customer CA


"Oh Narada, wherever Tulsi grows there is no misery. She is the holiest of the holy. Wherever the breeze blows her fragrance there is purity. Vishnu showers blessing on those who worship and grow Tulsi. Tulsi is sacred because Brahma resides in the roots, Vishnu resides in the stems and leaves and Rudra resides in the flowering tops."

Tulsi is a very friendly herb and consistently lends herself well in all sorts of therapies. Tulsi tea, simply a hot infusion of dried leaves, must be one of the more enjoyable forms of medicine we can experience as well as an excellent anupana for other botanicals and treatments. Tulsi is both a 'first-reach' herb in most cases of cough, colds, flu and fever, as well as a 'last-resort' when nothing else seems to work. Tulsi is a warm blessing that can be enjoyed by most people throughout the year for a vast array of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. In ensuing articles we will explore many of these benefits.
.. Holy Basil: Combat stress

Several animal studies back holy basil, a special variety of the plant you use in your pesto sauce, as effective at reducing stress by increasing adrenalin and noradrenalin and decreasing serotonin. This is no surprise to Pratima Nangia-Makker, a researcher at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, whose mother and grandmother relied on a tea made from the leaves of holy basil to relieve indigestion and headaches.

It might also inhibit breast cancer. First in test tubes and then in mice, a tea made of holy basil shrunk tumours, reduced their blood supply, and stopped their spread, found Nangia-Makker, who plans to study the effects in humans.

The leaves are good for nerves and to sharpen memory. Basil leaves are regarded as an adaptogen, anti-stress agent. Twelve basil leaves can be chewed twice a day to prevent stress. Chewing of basil leaves also cures ulcers and infections in mouth.

Tulsi is known for its antiseptic property to destroy bacteria and insects. A teaspoon of tulsi leaves juice can be taken at an interval of few hours in case of insect bite. Also fresh juice must be applied to the affected parts.

Basil juice is an effective remedy for sore eyes and night blindness. Two drops of black basil juice should be put into the eyes daily at bedtime to cure this.

Powder of dried tulsi leaves mixed with mustard oil can be used as toothpaste for maintaining dental health, countering bad breath and for massaging gums.

Pounded leaves mixed with sandalwood paste can be applied on forehead to get relief from headache.

A few drops of juice can be put in the ear to treat earache and dullness of hearing.

The seeds of the plant are useful in treating diarrhea, chronic dysentery and constipation.