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Organic Rhodiola Rosea  " Energy Enhancing Elixir " Tisane

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Body/ immune enhancing formula.  DECOCTION TEA - BOIL & BREW

Rhodiola Tea Benefits have been known to generations of people living in mountainous cold regions as being excellent for enhancing resistance to infection, as well as to maintain general well-being.

Rhodiola is a perennial plant that grows in cold areas of the world. It is most commonly found in mountainous regions such as the Rocky Mountains, the Alps, the Arctic, the Pyrenees in France, the Carpathian Mountains of Romania and in the Scandinavian countries.

Also known by its scientific name of rhodiola rosea, the rhodiola plant bears spikes of blue-green leaves that bear a single yellow flower. The flowers bloom during the brief Arctic summer. The shoots of therhodiola often reach up to 35 centimeters in height. Several plant shoots emerge from one thick root.

The active constituents of rhodiola are rosavin, rosin, rosarin and salidroside. The rhodiola herb is a mild stimulant that increases production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps in relaxation. But it is also important to note that while smaller doses ofrhodiola function as a stimulant, larger doses function as a sedative.

Smaller doses of rhodiola tea are recommended for boosting the immune system and treating depression, erectile dysfunction, or altitude sickness. Meanwhile, larger doses are recommended for fighting colds, flu, or stress. Rhodiola is appropriate for depression, but it is not appropriate for bipolar disorder. It is not recommended for use by pregnant women.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea acts like a hormone thermostat, especially as it pertains to cortisol, one of our main stress hormones. I believe that cortisol, which is secreted in sync with your circadian rhythms is usually, if not always, out of whack when you’re stressed out and exhausted. This means the cortisol level is either too high when it should be low or not high enough when we need more. Getting your cortisol back in rhythm when you’re compromised is crucial and Rhodiola literally helps balance the cortisol levels in your body, raising or lowering it as needed. That’s why this herb is particularly useful for treating my stressed out clients! What’s more, rhodiola has demonstrated a remarkable ability to support cellular energy metabolism. It positively affects brain function, depression, and heart health. In my experience, most patients who take rhodiola start feeling better within a few weeks to a month.

Dose: 200 to 600 mg per day of a Rhodiola rosea extract standardized to contain 2-3% rosavins and 0.8-1% salidroside. Or 2-3 grams per day of the nonstandardized root.

Caution: Avoid if you have manic depression or are bipolar. Rhodiola is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Although it’s unusual, at high doses rhodiola can cause insomnia.



The following are the health benefits attributed to rhodiola tea:

  • Rhodiola tea may help alleviate depression and improve the mood.

  • Rhodiola tea may help enhance mental functions.

  • Rhodiola tea may help reduce fatigue and stress. It may also induce relaxation.

  • Rhodiola tea may help fight infections.

  • Rhodiola tea may help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

  • Rhodiola tea may help in the treatment of altitude sickness.

  • Rhodiola tea may help fights cold and flu during the cold months.

  • Rhodiola tea may be helpful against anemia.