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Organic "Calculisious" Calcium for Healthy Bones - Tea

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The health benefits of drinking calcium tea is that your body is more able to assimilate the natural forms of calcium, you also get a more pleasant taste than chalky supplements or masses of dairy products.. This formula suits children/adults/elderly/ those who are convalescing, etc, who are not partial to talking large supplements. The tea can can be made more Delicious by adding fruit juices or natural sweeteners.

This rich tea is high in calcium and other nutrients making it the idea cuppa for anyone needing healthier bones. Suitable for growing children,  sports fanatics, menopausal women and more mature ladies. It makes a delicious tea for evening before bed and can be taken with calcium supplements as needed. 

Organic Rosehips, lemongrass, oat tops, raspberry leaf, cinnamon, lemon balm

Bones are precious let us make then strong and healthy with the most ancient wisdom.