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Organic Energizing Breakfast Brew. Wake Up Brain Formula.

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Herbal wonders shall awaken your spirit, body and will help to clear and add clarity to your mind.  This tasty brew is useful for memory, concentration and mental alertness. An ideal drink before studying, to help you stay alert and focused.  Whatever needs your attention this tea can help.  The fresh cuppa contains no caffeine but will enhance your over all sense of well being and has a natural mood stabilizing effect leading to a brighter day. No ups or downs! Just healthy stabilitea!

INGREDIENTS: Organic Gingko biloba, Peppermint, lemon grass leaves, orange peel, rosehips, gotu kola leaves, rosemary, root ginger. (non CAFFEINATED)






Disclaimer: As always, it is important to research the herb/s to make sure that they are ok for you, especially if you have existing health conditions or if you are taking medications. If for any reason you do not like a particular herb contained in the blend or if for health reasons, one of the herbs is contraindicated, omit it! Also, if any of the tea blends produce unpleasant side effects discontinue drinking them. You can also omit an herb if for any reason you are unable to find that ingredient. This information is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.