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Organic Yerba Maté Green Leaf Tea Bags - Cuppa Health

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Yerba Mate is a lightly stimulating beverage from South America that has a mild amount of caffeine with just the right kick. Amber's Organics Yerba Mate is organically grown, fairly traded through Fair For Life and produces a light green beverage, with a refreshingly bold flavor. This Yerba mate is untreated and contains no filler or flavoring agents, just pure organic Yerba Mate leaves.


Is Yerba Mate healthy you ask?

Mate is nutritive to the body, rather than depleting. Following is a summary of the health benefits:

  • Boasts a higher anti-oxidant value than beloved green tea.

  • Has anti-inflammatory and hypocholesterolemic properties due to the saponin content.  These compounds are bitter and are believed to contribute to the distinct flavour of mate.

  • High in vitamins & minerals

  • A central nervous system stimulant

  • Increases energy levels

  • Has a diverse array of compounds, not easily found in other teas (such as multiple polyphenols and xanthines including caffeic acid, caffeine, quercetin, rutin, theobromine etc. )

  • Very potent inhibitor of oxidative stress caused by ROS (reactive oxygen species)


Yerba Mate benefits

Yerba mate has been used as a beverage since the time of the ancient Indians of Brazil and Paraguay and is considered a national drink in several South American countries.

"A drink from South America has hit U.S. shores-and experts say it's the ticket for those who love the boost of coffee but hate it's side effects."

In addition to its standing as a popular beverage, yerba mate is used as a tonic, diuretic and as a stimulant to reduce fatigue, suppress appetite and aid gastric function in herbal medicine systems throughout South America. It also has been used as a depurative (to promote cleansing and excretion of waste). In Brazil, mate is said to stimulate the nervous and muscular systems and is used for digestive problems, renal colic, nerve pain, depression, fatigue, and obesity. It also has bitter qualities which help stimulate digestion. It has been used traditionally as a tonic, nervine, mild diuretic and stimulant.

In Europe it is used for weight loss, physical and mental fatigue, nervous depression, rheumatic pains and psychogenic and fatigue related headaches. In Germany it has become popular as a weight-loss aid. Yerba mate is the subject of a German monograph which lists its approved uses for mental and physical fatigue.

In France yerba mate is approved for the treatment of asthenia (weakness or lack of energy), as an aid in weight-loss programs and as a diuretic.

It also appears in the British Herbal Phamacopoeia (1996) and indicated for the treatment of fatigue, weight loss and headaches. In the U.S., Dr. James Balch, M.D. recommends yerba mate for arthritis, headaches, hemorrhoids, fluid retention, obesity, fatigue, stress, constipation, allergies and hay fever, and states that it "cleanses the blood, tones the nervous system, retards aging, stimulates the mind, controls the appetite, stimulates the production of cortisone and is believed to enhance the healing powers of other herbs."

Millions of South Americans drink Mate on a daily basis where weight problems are uncommon. Researchers think that Yerba Mate may be an important factor. A couple of cups a day may just set you on the course to your goals.

Yerba Mate contains xanthines, chemicals that boost your metabolic rate by 10% and is is rich in pantothenic acid, which prevents overstimulation of the nervous system. Yerba Mate has a host of anti-oxidants that boost immunity and protect against colds and flu. Studies show it is as powerful a cell protector as vitamin C, reducing the effects of aging as well as protecting against cancer and other disease. Furthermore, researchers say that Yerba Mate is a rich source of magnesium that has been proven to ease anxiety: unlike the herbal formulas such as Metabolife that reduce appetite by overstimulating the central nervous system. Drinking 8 oz before a meal can be as effective as diet drugs in taking the edge off your appetite!

Contains trace amounts of caffeine.


How to Make Mate Cocido

“Mate Cocido” is the Spanish term for yerba mate brewed like any other tea or coffee. You can use tea bags, a tea ball, a strainer, a French press, or a coffee maker. I call this simple and fast way to brew mate as “Mate Americano”.

Use the same proportions you would for coffee or other tea. Here are some helpful tips to make a great cup of mate:

  • Always moisten the yerba herb with cool water first to protect the flavor and nutrients.

  • Steep in 150 F water. NEVER USE BOILING WATER! Boiling water is guaranteed to spoil the taste by burning the herb and making your tea very bitter.

  • Steep for five minutes max. Tea quality diminishes with over-steeping.

  • To make a stronger cup of mate, use more herb.