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Organic Elixir Of Echinachea Immune Tea

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Organic Elixir Of Echinacea & Hibiscus Immune Tea is a tasty brew with a sweet blend of hibiscus flowers and a zest of lemon peel

Echinacea has wonderful constituents that aid all body systems in immune support. By building immunity, your body will be able to fight off bacteria and viruses at a faster rate.

Echinacea is used as a traditional herbal treatment for problems in proper immune system functioning. The Native American Indians have used the Echinacea herb for several hundred years.

In times of stress, in harsh environments or seasons, whenever the body is in need of reinforcement, Echinacea Tea may be used to supply the boost required to maintain the body's resistance to infection, to mend injured tissue, and to stimulate healthy body functioning

How it works.

.Echinacea Tea can be used to treat the common cold, influenza outbreaks and mild to moderate infections of all kinds. This is due to echinacea's actions in boosting the immune system.

· Echinacea Tea has antiseptic properties and hence can be used to treat septicaemia and other impurities of the blood.

· Echinacea Tea can be used to treat sore throat due to colds.

·Echinacea Tea can be used as a supplement to the treatment of cancer and syphilis.

·Echinacea Tea can be used to supplement treatment for hemorrhoids, as well as diphtheria and putrid fevers.

Besides lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol, this healthful hibiscus beverage has several characteristics that make it much more valuable than conventional teas.

  • hibiscus and hibiscus mint tea are caffeine free
  • hibiscus tea is also rich in Vitamin C
  • hibiscus tea has a unique, delicious taste
  • hibiscus tea has a smooth, pleasant fragrance
  • hibiscus tea has a distinctive, vibrant, natural color
  • hibiscus tea is great served hot or cold
  •  hibiscus tea has long been known to act as a natural body refrigerant


Organic Echinacea, thyme, ginger, lemon peel.

Organic Echinacea, Hibiscus, lemon peel.


The use of herbs is a time honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. However, herbs contain active substances that may trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements, or medications. For these reasons, people should take herbs under the supervision of a practitioner knowledgeable in the field of botanical medicine.

People with tuberculosis, leukemia, diabetes, connective tissue disorders, multiple sclerosis, HIV or AIDS, any autoimmune diseases, or, possibly, liver disorders should not take echinacea. There is some concern that echinacea may reduce the effectiveness of medications that suppress the immune system. For this reason, people receiving organ transplants who must take immunosuppressant medications should avoid this herb. .