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Organic "Fresh 4 Flush " Cleansing Detox Liver Tea

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Healing herbals for detoxification, healing, regeneration and cleansing the liver’s over all function. The tea will enhance the blood circulation and boost energy.

Consume up to three cups per day. Start slowly if needed and build up gradually, one cup at a time for a weeks gentle introduction.  A days serving can be made fresh and drunk throughout the day.

Please brew as a decoction for best results

Organic burdock root, milk thistle, ginger root, dandelion, fennel, Mugwort.

The liver has a very important job in the body. It cleans out toxins, fats, cholesterol, and gall stones and does not allow these things to pass. However, the liver could use some help, and a detox with tea can help cleanse the liver. After cleansing you will feel healthier, have more energy, and your liver will be refreshed.

Liver cleanse Tea is a herbal cleansing tea which gently flushes the liver of excess waste and toxins. Liver cleanse Tea may help to stimulate the digestive system, support healthy liver function, and reduce congestion of the liver and gall bladder resulting from liver disorder or damage. Toxic substances such as insecticide residue, drugs and alcohol, plus metabolic waste products, including ammonia produced by digestion, are combined with less toxic substance in the liver which removes them from the body by excreting them through the kidneys.


4 Benefits of Detox Tea

You need to be aware of the many benefits of drinking tea as a liver cleanser. After finding out what these benefits are you may just be tempted to use detox tea as a means of liver detoxification. Here is the list of the benefits of liver detox tea:

  1. Detox tea is ideal for any kind of liver problem. Aside from this, it can function as a stimulant which can enhance every liver function.
  1. Detox tea can also protect and strengthen the liver, treat liver deficiency, and cleanse the skin while cleansing the liver.
  1. Drinking this special blend of tea can also stimulate bile to increase digestion of fat and protein synthesis.
  1. Drinking tea helps reduce inflammation through supporting the breakdown of cortisone in the liver. In addition, the method of tea drinking can also cleanse the blood.


Do not take while pregnant or suffering from severe illness without medical supervision.