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Organic  Herbal Tisane  - Asthma & Dry Cough Formula.

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Organic  Herbal Tisane  - Asthma & Dry Cough Formula.

 Make as a herbal tea but simmer for 20 mins for best results.

 This is really GOOD for  soothing that smokers cough too, but we care about you and pray you will give up that deadly habit!

This tasty formula is beneficial to occasional Asthma attacks, those irritating dry coughs brought on by a attack, it will also attend to symptoms of croup, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments, it acts as a cleansing decongestant and is intensely soothing to delicate membranes.. The tea is safe for children but check with your health care practitioner before giving to very small children with severe allergies or asthma.  This treatment tea also works to ease the discomfort of sinus infection and irritated membranes, it is ideal for sore throats to sooth and cool, it can eliminates headaches, congestion, reduces fever , flu or cold symptoms and is a good antiseptic brew.

This blend is a must have for your winter medicine chest.

 Please note! Based on different body constitutions, weight, age, gender, etc, and severity of your ailment, it may require you drink a little extra tea in order to achieve relief.

Contains, organic  array of complex blending Marshmallow, anise, fennel, lemon, thyme.
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