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New Improved! Organic B Vitamin Beer Protein Prep + Hemp + Honey Shampoo Bar

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I have been using this on my face for a week, I just love how soft and clear my skin looks. I tried it on my hair too. It works so well and there is no brewery scent as I added a light apple to this mix.

Wet the bar in hot water. Work the bar downward from scalp to roots, no tangling, no pulling, let the bar slip down the hair shaft and lightly rub along the hair to produce a light lather.  Massage in downward strokes. If your hair is short this will be much easier to use. My suggestion is for longer hair.  The bar does have a mild conditioning benefit, but I would suggest you use a conditioner of your choice after usage for very dry locks. Let your hair drink up!

Shampoo bars a sticky business? Can't get your shampoo bars to lather, tired of the hassle and sticky residue? Try the brilliant bubble bag!. It works like magic (and, I don't believe in magic!) It helps build up lather in handmade, or low lather soap bars especially if you want to lessen that sticky "residue" effect. The lather gets so light and fluffy, it rinses out so cleanly, leaving your hair much softer and lighter, it's much easier than the usual tugging and scrubbing one may experience in the shampooing process. I have limited bubble bags so grab yours now! These are a steal and really do work!

Organic B Vitamin Beer Protein Prep + Hemp + Honey Shampoo Bar.
Beer shampoo bar conditioners to help repair damaged hair and reinvigorate the volume of hair. They can also help to prevent and restore hair loss if used on a regular basis with other preventative measures.

My naturally sweet beer scented bar (mild apple cider to take the edge of it)  contains B vitamins and can help repair damaged hair which can restore luster. Beer contains crucial protein, nutrients, and antioxidants which encourages stronger hair growth.  The hops used in the preparation of beer are said to contain silica, which may help in strengthening hair follicles and promoting growth too. Ferulic acid present in barley is an essential antioxidant that gives a stronghold to hair repair.


Did you know. Hollywood actress, Catherine Zeta Jones revealed that she used beer and honey to condition her beautiful black mane, which is quite an unusual 'home remedy'.


Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Stearic Acid, coconut oil,  glycerine, Spring Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Myristic Acid, Lauric Acid, Fresh Honey, Organic Hemp seed oil, Organic Hops, Organic Beer, Natural Fragrance.