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Organic Herbal T Bags Hair Rinses - For Glorious Locks.

Hair Types

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I have been perfecting these rinses over the last few months, I wanted to use a combination of herbs that do more than just make hair shine, here are my results!

The new hair rinses are made with tender care in order to enhance your own hairs strength and natural beauty, leaving sheen, shine, health and vibrant energy to frail damaged hair. Good for hair loss, dry scalps, skin conditions, unhealthy over processed hair. My herbal rinses are for making blond's brighter and stronger or dark hair, richer and shiner, healthier- each has a unique restorational benefit.

Just add your own Cider Vinegar to the tea mix for best results.  Addling pure apple cider vinegar will enhance the effect but is not essential to the tea working for you.



Lights & Blonde. Helps dry hair, or over processed hair also conditions and brings out natural high-lights. Does not make blonde hair lighter but does as mild highlights over time.

Darks & Brunettes. Restores shine and sheen, brings new life to dark hair filled with vital nutrients for over all hair and scalp health.

Red-Heads. Enhances colour and over all health, vitality and condition.



 "Tonic" Tonic tea is good for hair that needs a little TLC, dull, lifeless hair.

"Regain" Good for hair loss and those wishing to prevent it, a good hair tonic and nutrient restorative formula. 


1 -2 tea bags will be 1 treatment depening on how thick and long your hair is. Instructions included.