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Organic Herbal & Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinses.

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Rinsing your hair with vinegar after shampooing leaves it shining.  Certain herbs can highlight or enhance your hair color, as well as condition it.   

This rinse is made from the herbs themselves, not essential oils. Fresh herbs are wonderful to use and each of my individually crafted recipes are made from the finest organic herbs available.

Vinegar infused herbs removes scaly build-up and residue from hair shafts and closes the cuticles.   Since residue coats the hair causing it to look dull, removing residue gives your hair more shine.  By closing the cuticles, the hair slides more easily and there will be fewer tangles. Vinegar has a tonic action that promotes blood circulation in the small capillaries that irrigate the skin.

Bottle of selected infused herbs in vinegar. Mix herbal rinse with water and massage into your hair, leave for a few moments and then rinse with cold water.


How Often Can I Use The Vinegar Hair Rinse?
Since everyone's hair is different you should use your own judgment on this.  Some say that vinegar rinses may be drying if used every day and it is best to restrict use to two times per week. 

Some Helpful Hints
Pouring cold vinegar rinse on your hair in the shower may be a more invigorating experience than you would like.  (Although if you're feeling brave, the cold water will give your hair added shine.)  Keep a small plastic container of vinegar in your shower.  Next, recycle a small clear plastic bottle with a squirt top (your old shampoo bottle may work).  Choose the amount of rinse you will need to make for your hair.  Mark the vinegar line and water line on your bottle.  Now you can pour in the vinegar and add warm water from your shower and squirt the rinse on your hair!