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Organic Chickeed, Calendula + Comfrey Salve The AO 3 Fab C's

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Organic Chickwe ed, Calendula & Comfrey Solar Infused ECZEMA Salve."The three C's"

Three of the  most potent herbs that blend beautifully into a healing concoction  to give you an ultimate healing salve. Chickweed is a skin protector and helps eradicate itching, poison ivy, stings and bites; Comfrey is regenerating, healing the skin at the deepest level, omitting scars; Calendula is the "heal all" flower of the sun, gentle and caring, it soothes and calms the skin leaving it softer and healthier than ever before, it helps with cuts, wound, sores and all the other skin aliments I cannot mention. Marvelous!

Each salve is made over a period of months with slow solar infusion and then a simple blending end process to give you a powerful salve that will  be extremely useful in treating external wounds, scrapes and cuts and renewing damages skin. Also the soothing healing effects of pure calendula flowers adds an extra gentleness to the healing of wounds and skin ailments, good for eczema and psoriasis and other offending painful skin conditions that need soothing and long term ease.

Ideal for Diaper rash and other rashes especially itching and inflamed rashes.

Apply sparingly.

Ingredients: Organic virgin olive oil, calendula, comfrey, chickweed, local beeswax, EO blend,  vitamin E preservative.