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The Medicine Cabinet. > Organic Shingles Salve - with Tamanu Oil Exclusive Formula.
Organic Shingles Salve -  with Tamanu Oil Exclusive Formula.

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Shingles is agony.  My herbal salve was created to ease your suffering.  Amber's Organics herbs work at a deep level of healing, soothing and controlling the signs of pain, blistering and nerve sensitivity.  Ravensara oil is recommended in almost every aromatherapy text for Herpes Zoster, i.e. 'Shingles' - in a blend with Tamanu oil. St Johns Worth works extensively to relieve nerve pain and reverse damage.  My salve works to decrease inflammation, deactivate and ease the effects of the Viral outbreak lessening the period of time the Shingles occurs. The soothing salve will also help prevent unsightly scars.


 Ingredients. Organic Lemon Balm infused olive oil, St Johns Wort, Ravensara essential oil, tamanu organic oil, beeswax, virgin coconut oil, Rosemary preservative.

We pray for your speedy healing!