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Organic Arthritic/Pain/Muscle Massaging Herbal Salve.

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This exclusive herbal salve is in preparation over a period of calculated time to ensure the maximum quality contained benefits. The long and specified length of herbal infusion process ensures a better quality of product with higher levels of medicinal extracts drawn from the direct plant and brought forth for their healing purpose. I use a collection of anti-inflammatory solar/lunar infused herbs and emollient oils to sooth and ease the inflammatory pains of arthritis and the every day aches that occur as a consequence of the condition.  This formula is idea for stiffness, soreness, rheumatic pain, aches, pains in the neck region, spine and tender swollen joints.

Massage gentle on affected areas when needs, lay a heat pad over for best effects. Can be massaged into hands and feet, knees and ankles.


" I could hardly walk with pain and swelling. I was in agony. Amber gave me a tin of her old formula as a gesture of kindness in hopes it might just ease some of my suffering. Within days the swelling and pain has decreased dramatically, I could not believe it, I was walking and moving with so much more freedom, and this was an old tin from about 2 years ago, not that fresh, imagine what a new one could do! I am saving up for some now I cannot say enough about this and tell everyone I meet, Amber's Organics is the best!"  CDS TX

Contains: Coconut oil, olive oil, local beeswax, yarrow, chickweed, cloves, mustard oils, black seed, rosemary, wormwood, coriander oil, vitamin E