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The Medicine Cabinet. > Organic Pokeroot Oil or Ointment - Mastitis + Breast Lumps
Organic Pokeroot Oil or Ointment - Mastitis + Breast Lumps

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A powerful Women's Ally traditionally used for mastitis and breast lumps. Has been used to treat breast cancer, infection whilst nursing, tumors, sore nipples.

Breast skin is delicate, thin and absorbent, breast tissue contains a large proportion of fat, which readily absorbs infused herbal oils. The natural healing and cancer-preventative actions of herbs easily migrate into olive oil—creating a effective product for maintaining the health of breasts.

Do not apply directly to raw tissue. It can be applied as a small poultice/compress if preferred, add warmed oil to a small, clean wash cloth, lay over breast area,  or a generous amount can be gently applied to the problem area, covered with a flannel cloth and then with a hot water bottle (no heating pads), and left on for as long as comfortable. This is best repeated at least twice a day.Pokeroot reduces congestion, relieves swelling, and can literally dissolve growths in the breasts. It does depend on the level of disease, but pokeroot is a very powerful herbal tool for breast issues.

To Use. Apply oil to breast, lightly massage in upward strokes along lymphatic system, cover with cheesecloth or other thin cotton covering. The oil can be slightly warmed for best results.

Organic olive oil, organic pokeroot, vitamin E