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The Medicine Cabinet. > Organic " Ditch " Anti-itch/rash Salve with Remedy Ready Herbs
Organic " Ditch " Anti-itch/rash Salve with Remedy Ready  Herbs

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"Ditch" works for many skin ailments but was originated for itchy skin complaints. "Remedy ready herbs" means herbs that are eagerly bound for that destination....to stop itching fast. The sleek combination work on the skins main issues, inflammation, infuriating itch, irritation, scratching scars, skin damage, redness, swellings, soreness, and all the other nasty to-dos that go along with it.  Amber's Organic offers this unique formula to restore peace and comfort.

Cools, decreases itch and sting sensations, relieves inflammation, reduces redness, softens and restores skin and increases rapid healing and cell rejuvenation. Minimizes site infection, redness and swellings.

French green clay. Clay draws oils, including the resin that's causing your itch away from the skin and feels pleasantly cooling

Contains. Organic plantain leaf, chickweed leaf, calendula flowers, red roses,  green french clay, St johns wort cut and sifted, Nettle leaf. Shea butter.  Essential oil of peppermint, elemi and lavender

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