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Organic Tend-to-me Chickweed + Green Clay Anti-Itch|Drawing Skin Salve

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Good first aid for cuts, nicks, bites and scratches, itches and rashes.

Chickweed salve is a topically applied alternative medication made from chickweed leaf, virgin olive oil, french green clay,and beeswax. Its main use is as a natural anti-itch medication, but it is also said to draw poisons out of the skin.

Although there are many possible uses for chickweed salve, the most common is as an itch remedy, either for itches caused by illness like chicken pox, or irritations caused by isolated contact with an irritant like poison ivy. It is said to draw out the poisons left by bee stings and mosquito bites, providing relief from those minor skin irritations as well. Some people use this product as a first defense against rashes of unknown origin, as it is fairly versatile and harmless. As chickweed is thought by some to help with sore throats, arthritis and other ailments, its salve is often applied topically with the hope that an external application at the site of pain will help with internal discomfort.

Ideal for Diaper rash and other rashes especially itching and inflamed rashes.

Apply sparingly

Organic virgin olive oil, chickweed leaves, french green clay, vit e, elemi oil

People with allergies to plants in the daisy family may see similar allergic reactions when using chickweed salve. Pregnant or nursing women are generally advised to avoid use of chickweed. It is possible to get nitrate poisoning from chickweed, but this is usually a danger only with internal use of the plant. Even so, users of chickweed salve should undertake a careful watch for the symptoms of nitrate poisoning. While rare, bad reactions can occur for many reasons when using chickweed, and any discomfort or worsening of the original condition should warrant cessation of chickweed usage.