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The Medicine Cabinet. > Organic Mullein Verbascum thapsus & Critical EO Care Salve For Hemorrhoids.
Organic Mullein Verbascum thapsus & Critical EO Care Salve For Hemorrhoids.

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Skin Soothing
Applying mullein salve directly to irritated areas of skin may help you to find relief from the discomfort associated with conditions such as a rash, burns, cuts or blisters. Because mullein is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it will also help with any skin conditions caused by bacteria or inflammation.

Joint Pain Relief
The anti-inflammatory effects of mullein can help to ease the pain associated with joint or muscle pain by reducing inflammation and swelling.

One of the most popular remedies used to help us fend off ear infections. Also makes a great topical application for skin conditions, including sores and boils.

  • Wounds: Mullein can be used to help wounds heal when applied externally.
  • Ear infections: Mullein may be used to treat ear infections.
  • Hemorrhoids: Mullein may be used to treat hemorrhoids.

Mullein is a useful ingredient in salves for relaxation and pain relief. I created a simple salve of mullein for my own use and was delighted to find that it worked well as an instant reliever of pain for small cuts and scraps, and was also an effective rub for sore muscles and relaxation.


Amber's Organics exclusive Mullein salve is made from organic Mullein flowers (Verbascum thapsus ) infused in pure slow process organic Virgin olive oil, added then to local beeswax and virgin coconut oil with a touch of Vitamin E rich sunflower oil to act as a natural preservative.

This plant is popularly known as “Cowboy Toilet Paper” in the United States and “Mullein” in some parts of Europe. Common mullein plant is a part of the snapdragon family due to its towering, spiky structure. It has soft, velvety-like leaves, a stalk of yellow flowers, and leaves with fine downy hairs making the plant soft to touch. Some studies show that the Common mullein plant serves as an emollient because it contains glycyrrhizin compound that aids in wound healing. It also contains bactericide that serves as an astringent, thus making it an effective remedy on keeping inflamed hemorrhoids infection-free.

I also add :

Juniper is a commonly used external application for hemorrhoids. It’s a tonic and detoxifier that promotes warmth and blood flow. It eases muscular tension and pain and promotes localized stress reduction to the area it’s applied.

Geranium  an established hemorrhoid / piles remedy, as well as a powerful wound cure. It stops bleeding, encourages speedy healing and eases pain by numbing nerves and limiting inflammation.

Helichrysum promotes cell growth, is anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic. Wounds like piles can be very sensitive to allergens, so this trait can be very helpful here. It’s also commonly used for rheumatism, muscular aches, pains and wounds.

Niaouli is native to Australia where it has been a staple in medicine cabinets for centuries. It eases pain by providing a numbing sensation. It eases aches, pains and poor circulation and provides cleansing and support for blood vessel integrity.


Organic blends of all Virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, mullein flowers, wild geranium EO, blend, sunflower oil added vitamin E, Local beeswax.



I also create Hemorrhoids aloe anti-itch Jelly and a calming critical care EO itch blend