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The Medicine Cabinet. > Organic Mugwort Dream Balm - Dream Enhancing/Meditation/Prayer Formula
Organic Mugwort Dream Balm - Dream Enhancing/Meditation/Prayer Formula

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Dreeeeeeeam ooooooon!


My exclusive Amber's Organics LLC dream balm is a choice selection of soothing organic herbs including vivid dream enhancing mugwort, plus aromatic natural fragrant and essential oils to make  the perfect balm.  The balm can be rubbed on the temples, on the wrists or the soles of your feet at night just before sleep. Ideal to use whilst meditating or praying or when needing aromatic sense of peace.

These essential and natural oils are said to open channels for peaceful dreaming and creative visualization while aiding in the relaxation of mind and body. It is also works to help relieve headaches or neck and shoulder tension, and is suitable for anxiety or irritability. It also performs  as a hand, foot, nail and lip balm, and makes a thoughtful gift idea as well.

With dream enhancing Mugwort for vivid and prophetic dreams. This balm is a pure delight,  you will find easier sleep once you use this glorious dream balm.


Organic virgin Olive oil infused mugwort
chamomile infused in virgin olive oil
vitamin E
dream enhancing essential
natural fragrant oils

Virgin coconut oil


 Purple or wine sachet included with 2 ounce jar of balm, total weight 4-5 oz