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The Medicine Cabinet. > Organic Black Seed Nigella sativa L.Miracle Ointment
Organic Black Seed Nigella sativa L.Miracle Ointment

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I make my beautiful oils over a long standing period of time so that they can absorb the essence of the sun and power of the plant.


The various Systems the world over, use Black Seed abundantly as an ingredient in the preparation of medicines.

The Black Seed is being used widely both in Ayurvedic and local medicines from very early times, from the era of Ascetics (Rishis) up to the present day because of its wonderful remedial value. The ascetics who have recommended it for various ailments have also prescribed it for pains and aches experienced in different parts of the body. The wonderful curing properties of Black Seed have now been proved by Scientific research.

People use the ointment externally, for beauty as well as for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Some people use such mixtures on burns or skin infections; some just use these to moisturize the skin, relieve joint or pain, or make wrinkles vanish. Also excellent for body pains, aches and stiffness

Use the ointment for Fungus condition such as.....

  • Athlete's Foot
  • Nail Infections
  • Ringworm
  • Thrush



For Cold, Influenza and Nasal Congestion:
Apply on the outer surface of the nose and on the forehead. Ferment gently with a dry, warm piece of cloth.

For Catarrh, Excessive Sneezing and Irritation of the nose:
Apply on the outer surface of nose and above the eyebrows and rub well.

For Pain in the Joints and Contusion:
Apply on the places where you feel the pain and rub briskly. Warm a little or else ferment with a piece of dry warm cloth.

For Sprains:
Apply on the affected joints bend and stretch several times the sprained limbs. If the sprain is on the main joint of the body wrap the joint with a bandage cloth after applying the balm.

For Tonsillitis or Excessive Phlegm:
Apply round the neck. Drink a little Hot Water frequently.

For Headache:
Apply on the forehead and the temple & inhale a little.

For Difficulty in Breathing:
Apply to the inside of a cup, pour a small quantity of boiling water, stir it and inhale its vapour.

For Toothache:
Take a piece of Cotton, apply a little ointment on it and keep it on the affected tooth, apply on the cheek too.

For Earache:
Apply a little around the ear (externally) keep a little ointment on the centre of a piece of cotton, role the cotton and place it in the cavity of the affected ear.

For Pain in the Inner Parts the Body:
For pains experienced in the stomach or chest, apply externally on the affected spot.


Wonderful product and completely natural with no chemicals or harmful preservatives.

Make sure you 'stock up' with black seeds.....your health demands it!

Ingredients, Black seeds solar infused oil, coriander essential oil, cloves oil.

" Amazing, my skin loved this oil, it helped me so very much and the fact is it SO pure makes all the difference in my health conscience world, God bless you Amber's Organics for bring back some of natures best!"