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Organic Coconut + Rose Body Scrub. Dry, Senstive Skin.

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Leaves skin soft, hydrated and refreshed.

Real coconut flakes, virgin coconut oil, MTC oil, and real ground pink and red roses bring the perfect finished to this delicate and fragrant body scrub. Can be used gently on dry and sensitive skins for the perfect polish and smooth, soft skin you so desire.Contains a natural fragrance oil blend.


These are some of the sugar scrub benefits that you can get if you use a sugar scrub:

Sugar scrubs are the most perfect way of getting rid of the dry, flaky skin that develops over the day.

Sugar scrubs are user-friendly for all skin types because they leave no side effects in their wake.

They work wonders in preventing skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis because they hydrate skin so effectively.

Sugar scrubs are a great way to fight cellulite in the body.

Sugar scrubs for face are used not only for skin exfoliation, but also for cleansing and massaging it. The advantage of which is that they do not clog the pores and are easily absorbed into the skin. Thus, sugar scrubs for acne are a great idea (to prevent them that is). Using a sugar scrub on the face will leave it smooth and healthy and will prevent the onset of acne. But even if one has acne, it is still alright to use a sugar scrub (just be cautious with the amount of oil you use). Read more on acne skin care products.

They act as the all body polishing agents as well, leaving clean and smooth skin. This is because they are packed with the goodness of alpha-hydroxy which is essential for a glowing skin.

Repeated use of sugar scrubs will help one to have healthier, glowing, uniformly textured and colored skin.

They are a much better choice than salt scrubs because they aren't as harsh as salt scrubs and are much smoother than them.

Sugar scrub benefits also include the fact that they can be used by children without any side effects.

Sugar scrubs can be used as a soothing agent after a rough shave.

Sugar scrub benefits also run into the fact that they can circulate and stimulate the lymph nodes.

It acts as a preventive measure against tanning.

Everyday use will also help to formulate a protective layer for the skin and prevent areas like the knees, elbow, etc. from becoming dark.

It works on the toughest of skins while providing it with the richness that it deserves.

Sugar scrub benefits can also be seen in healing of blemishes.

Sugar scrubs can be used on the lips as well. Sugar scrubs for lips works wonders because it helps in preventing chapped lips and skin. If one already has chapped, a single or probably two uses of sugar scrubs can soften the skin. Read more on exfoliate lips with sugar.

It also helps to soften calloused and rough skin, leaving it smooth and fragrant.

It is much more smoother for the skin than the use of pumice stones and the like.

Sugar scrub benefits also include the probable discontinuation of separate skin moisturizers and cleansers because it has moisturizing properties in it.

Sugar scrubs also help to absorb the oils and dirt from the skin.