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Organic Pink Grapefruit Salts + Ylang Ylang Body Scrub

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A deliciously fragrant mixture of finely ground rich dead sea salts filled with organic skin conditioning oils, for rubbing and scrubbing  away those tired old skin cells leaving toned fresh glowing skin

There are several benefits to using a salt scrub on your skin or having some one else rub it on for you. A salt scrub can be made from any type of bath salt, but it is especially effective when Dead Sea bath salts are used. Rubbing your skin with a good salt scrub, allows the texture of the scrub paste to exfoliate and polish the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed. It will rub away any dead skin cells that have the effect of leaving your skin dull. The fine salt grains really cleanse every pore and allow your skin to breathe easier like nothing else. Basically a good salt scrub will clean your skin like no soap or cleanser can, simply due to the texture of the salt grains. Here are the main benefits that using a good salt scrub provides:

  • Exfoliates and cleans the skin better than soaps or cleansers
  • Removes dull, dead skin cells to reveal a younger skin layer
  • Thoroughly cleans your pores allowing your skin to breathe easier
  • Stimulates blood circulation and removes daily toxins from your skin
  • Helps future skin regeneration which keeps your skin looking younger
  • Strengthens and firms skin tissues.


This scrub leaves a fragrant fresh " organic" glow all over your body BUT be warned you may turn a little red - just go scrubbing gently and you will be amazed at the wonderful tone of your skin. Organic Pink grapefruit oils, plus lemon and exotic Ylang ylang brings you an exotic boost to this beautifully naturally colored salmon pink scrub. This scrub boosts the circulation,  eases uneven skin tones, refreshes, ease acne skins, spots and brings an aroma~therapeutic scent to your body, the Guys will love you using this one too grapefruit scent is suppose to attract the guys and make your more desirable, I will let you be the judge of that one!