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Paprika, pepper - Limited Availability.

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More than just a spice, Paprika is a veritible fountain of health benefits. From high volume of Vitamin C to aiding digestion, Paprika might be as well suited in your medicine cabinet as your spice rack.

Paprika also isn't just a spice used in Hungarian cooking. There are many varities including sweet, smoky, spicy and from different nations, Hungary, Spain,. South America and India. A product made from grinding the dried deep red paprika pods of the pepper plant. The flavors range from sweet to mildly hot and very hot, depending of the type of pepper used.

Paprika and Healing? 

Researchers are finding amazing healing and health properties of Paprika. They have found that the capsicum peppers used for paprika contain six to nine times as much vitamin C as tomatoes by weight.

It's also been learned that Paprika is an antibacterial agent and stimulant and can be used to help normalize blood pressure, improve circulation, and increase the production of saliva and stomach acids to aid digestion

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