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Vit Corn Salad

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One of the most succulent and delicious corn salads around

Salad greens are leafy greens which are used to make salads. Lettuce is a common and well known example of a salad green, but other greens ranging from arugula to mustard greens can appear in salads. Many cultures have along history of the cultivation and collection of greens for use in salads, since leafy greens are beneficial to human health and digestion. Some people also greatly enjoy their flavor, especially when paired with other ingredients.

Many salad greens have traditionally been collected in the wild; humans have been experimenting with edible greens for thousands of years. In some regions, the seasonal appearance of favorite greens is a cause for celebration, with a number of traditional dishes featuring special seasonal greens.

Some people also like to grow salad greens at home in a small patch which can be harvested as needed. Many salad greens take well to container gardening, so they can be grown on a porch, roof, or stoop in an area with limited space. Even a windowbox could be used to support a small collection of salad greens, and in some areas greens can be encouraged to grow year round so that they are always available.

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