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Sheep Sorrel - High Antioxidants

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Sheep Sorrel is high in antioxidants. These protect the cells from free radical damage caused by pollutants and the normal activity of cell metabolism or destruction. It appears to be antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic. (Anti means against.) It also seems to be high in anti-tumor properties. Anecdotal evidence seems to support that this may be anti-tumor for humans though! The anti-inflammatory properties would suggest why it has been found helpful for those with arthritis. The many vitamins and minerals offer a plausible reason why it also has been found helpful for those with fatigue, lack of energy, muscle aches. It’s many constituents related to functions of the blood, or circulatory system, indicate it may be helpful for those who are suffering imbalances in that regard. Indications are there for constituents which would relax the nervous system, muscles, and decrease pain. This herb truly seems to be abundant in properties which could possibly help in a variety of health concerns. Along with that, unproven theories are that it possesses some antiangiogenesis properties. That long medical term loosely translated means that the blood supply created by the tumor to continue it’s existence and survival is cut off. This is one of the avenues allopathic medicine is studying in regard to cancer treatment.


It is high in Vitamin C, therefore considered “anti-scorbutic”, or anti-scurvy.  Also high in beta-carotene, potassium and phosphorus.