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Organic Scarlet Beans - Edible Flowers too!

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Organic Scarlet Beans - Beneficial bug attraction and edible red flowers. These are pole beans that grow up to 6-8 ft producing green snap pods or runner beans that are best when 6 inches long. Delightful bright red flowers attract humming birds and beneficial insects to your garden fare.

10 beans.

Beans are warm weather plants that are intolerant of frost, so be sure that the danger of frost has passed and the ground is warm when planting.  Make successive plantings of bush beans every two weeks for a continuous supply, but sow only once for the other bean varieties.  Beans are plants that fix nitrogen in the soil, improving the conditions for whatever crop you plant after the beans are finished.  Pole beans should be planted in hills 2-3 feet apart with 4-5 seeds per hill, and bush beans should be spaced 2-3 inches apart.  Side-dress with fertilizer for the best results when the plants are 4-6 inches high.  

Do not allow beans to mature on the plant, or it will stop producing, and do not pick beans or cultivate when they are wet, or it will spread viral diseases.  

Medicinal Value:   Fresh beans are a moderate source of beta carotene, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and carbohydrates.  Some studies suggest that half a cup of beans per day has a cholesterol-lowering effect in many people.  Beans also appear to have a blood sugar normalizing effect, and may be of benefit to diabetics.  Lastly, beans make you feel full, and consumption of them may be of benefit in an individual weight loss program.