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Organic Facial and Body Treatment Oils. > Organic Coconut + Tumeric 0il. Under Eye Wrinkle, Fine Line, Uneven, Damaged Skin Balm
Organic Coconut + Tumeric 0il. Under Eye Wrinkle, Fine Line, Uneven, Damaged Skin Balm

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100% PURE!

Organic Coconut With Turmeric Oil- Under Eye Wrinkle Balm.

Organic Coconut with essential oil of Turmeric is an effective under eye wrinkle clearing balm it is 100% pure product made simply from organic blends of virgin coconut oil, essential oils of turmeric and fennel, castor oil, vit E and a touch of beeswax. This powerful blend is best used at night for deep hydration and repair and renewal of skin cells around the eyes, a beautiful, simple, but effective product. The combination is exclusive to Amber"s Organics and has been blended carefully with each ingredient offering renewing factors to help in your under eyes skin enhancement. Turmeric oil has vast anti-aging benefits and is used extensively in Ayurveda remedies to counteract the signs of aging, it also helps remove scaring, acne or uneven skin tones, fennel oil has a similar beneficial effect and has been known to help in the removal of wrinkles and fine lines.

Contains. Organic blend of pure virgin coconut oil, essential oil of turmeric, organic wild-crafted fennel oil, Castor oil, local beeswax, vit E and a unique preparation.


This is my most amazing formula to date. My customers love it and have used it on cancer lesions, cancerous moles, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, age spots, dark spots, skin tags to name but a few, and it worked for them. Now sold in a larger 1 ounce tin.


Reviews - This Gorgeous Customer get the spotlight!

TwinkleCake on 03 Aug, 2019

5 out of 5 stars

I don't know if this balm is advertised right. Does it brighten the skin? Yes. Does it soften wrinkles? Yes. Does it lighten spots? Yes. Is it a luxurious eye cream? Oh yes! But a wart balm/ toe nail fungus medicine? I wasn't expecting that. My husband has suffered from toe nail fungus for years. He's used many chemical products and NOTHING has helped. One day, as I watched him slather on his fungiside, I asked him to try my balm. At first, honestly, I was sceptical. As I just said, NOTHING has worked. But he used it faithfully for a month, twice a day. Fast forward to today. The infected part broke apart and new/ healthy nail is growing! I can't tell the difference between the good/ sick foot! So, we decided to use it on a stubborn wart on his hand. Almost over night it dried up! That just blows my mind. I'm speechless.