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Organic Essential O Lavender Vanilla Beauty Balm - All In 1

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My delectably soothing beauty balm is a special blend of natural moisturizing ingredients to keep skin super soft and supple. It is derived from the soft, delicate flowers of fragrant lavender soaked in rich oils for a period of months and then added to cocoa butter, a dash of pure vanilla essential oil, anti aging castor butter, organic lavender EO oil and added local beeswax for a complete softening and soothing experience.

Lavender contains the richest, natural source of anti inflammatory oils which replenish, moisturizer, and protects the skin. Additionally, the miracle of rich cocoa butter with greatly improve your skins appearance and overall condition

Use on your lips to replenish moisture and bring back a full youthful pout. Use on your body to richly hydrate all dryness or soreness. Use on your face at night to restore beauty to decrease lines and sooth out wrinkles. This is the all in one booster- beautiful beauty balm.

Ingredients: organic solar infused lavender oil, Castor oil, high vitamin E sunflower oil,  local beeswax,  vit E, cocoa butter, vanilla EO, essential EO lavender oil.
Vegan alternative available on drop down list. I will use vegan wax to make the balm for you.