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Tea Accessories > Unbleached Press & Brew Tea Bags - 10 small
Unbleached Press & Brew Tea Bags  - 10 small

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The simple “press & brew” tea bags that have proven to be indispensible for all tea brewing needs. An easy, economical way for anyone to create their own herbal teas. Simply fill bag with herbs of your choice and press iron them shut–no glue needed or is even used to make this product. These are hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen whitened, without the use of bleach or other nasty chemicals.

 10 Small empty bags- 2.25 x 2.25 (for single cups of tea)

Note!  The 10 bags will usually be enough for the 1 ounce quantities of loose tea that is sold on my tea pages. The perfect sizes for individual tester or refill orders.  I can also offer herb tea blends of your own preference, just let me know what you like.  Eg. Chamomile & Lemon Balm, Rosehip & Orange, Holy Basil & Green tea, etc..... anything you desire I will do my best to create.