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Organic Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Deodorant Roll On Apple Rose & Juniper

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I'm on a roll! I just love this stuff. My new roll on deodorant is completely natural, safe and so much easier than the powder to use and less stingy than my spray deodorant. It has a delicate scent of natural apple ( that seems to get better as it lingers and warms upon the skin) and soft rose topped with natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial essential oil juniper, a perfect balance. I do not use alcohol or baking soda in this mix so it suits the most sensitive of individuals including myself.

Below are a few reasons why Himalayan salt is good for use in a deodorant:

Minerals – Himalayan salt is super rich in minerals that nourish the skin and help it detox. They include magnesium, potassium, sodium and more.

Antibacterial – It kills off bacteria and germs that are the number one cause of bad body odor. When we sweat, it doesn’t stink but when the bacteria on skin mix up with the sweat is when the BO comes in full blast.

Neutralizes bad body odor – Salt absorbs the bad odor and neutralizes it.

Safety!- Yes, it is from the earth and it is perfectly safe to use.

Organic witch hazel (no alcohol), organic arrowroot powder, vegetable glycerine, Himalayan pink salt, essential oils, natural apple bio-identical fragrance oil.