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AO Pure black satin eye masks - anti-aging too

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Pure satin eye masks are therapeutic and relaxing to the eyes and mind. They work effectively with my eye remedies. The masks also have an anti aging effect leaving your eyes smoother and less wrinkled over the time used. The masks relax and gentle calm the stress from outer influences such as light and environmental exposure.  The masks are handmade, vegan and Eco biodegradable. 


Sleeping Mask Main Features and Benefits

  • Silky soft satin feels great on the face
  • One size fits all
  • Small and convenient for travel
  • Available in neutral blending Black.
  • Lightweight and little pressure on the eyes for falling asleep comfortably
  • The look and feel is glossy and luxurious.
  • The product is soft and comfortable.
  • Satin is not just good to look at, but are durable and weigh light. The credit goes to the method of weaving.
  • Inside and Outside of Sleeping Mask

    Silky soft satin inside and out with light cushioned filler and blackout fabric stitched within the body of the mask. The satin eye mask has two simple elasticated straps and a nose bridge to fit on the face nicely.

    Strap Details

    This silky soft sleep mask secures around the head with dual elastic straps for a secure fit


  • Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent
  • Lay flat to dry this sleep essentials eye mask